First I'll tell you what I know.
This photo came from an old photo album that was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I acquired the photo from the person who purchased the album, and it is the only photo in the album with the name MULHERN on it.
The photo is on a stiff card that measures 4 1/4" wide x 6 1/2" high. The card stock is brown colored on both sides. There is no writing or printing on the back of the card. The photo has a glossy surface and the image is reddish-brown in color. I've learned the photo is called a Cabinet Card, and they were popular from 1866 through 1914, possibly longer.
As you can see, the name "Mary Mulhern" is written on the photo in what looks like pencil, as well as "Sallies sister". The photography studio imprint reads E D Baily's Studio Tamaqua, Pa.
What I'm trying to do is determine the date of the photo based on the the type of photo and card stock, the imprint of the studio and the clothing and hair style of the girl.
Some of the other names written in the album include: Joe Boyle, George Boyle, Mary O'Donnell, John Broman/Breman(?),Aunt Rose, Mari Herron, John Surrey,
Dale, and Finney/Furry(?).

If anyone can offer any suggestions based on the photo or the family names and location it would be much appreciated. Some of my ancestors family lived in the Hazleton area, and it's possible they could have lived in the Tamaqua area or gone to that area for family photos to be taken.

I'm attempting to contact the Historical Society in Tamaqua, I read somewhere that they have the belongings of the E D Baily Studio, I thought they might have someone there with some knowledge of the studio's work. I would particularly like to know when the studio started operation, and when they closed.
Thanks for any help.
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